With a Butterfly's Wings

With a Butterfly's Wings

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A grandmother and her granddaughter explore together the secrets of nature and forge a bond that will live out forever. With Butterfly’s Wings is a tender story about a girl who loses her beloved grandmother finds comfort in remembering her through what she learned from her.

It was my grandmother who taught me to listen to the song of the birds. Throw her eyes I learned to contemplate those little birds and to perceive what made them so special. Together we heard the blackbird sing among the rumble of the city that was slowly awakening, trying to guess where the bird was. Grandma was my best teacher: she taught me all the secrets of nature, the magic of flowers, the spirit of monarch butterflies… For this reason, even if she is now gone, she will live in me through the song of nature.

María del Pilar López Ávila (Cartagena, Spain 1969) is an award-winning writer of children’s stories. Her passion for children's literature began when she was very young ―at the age of nine, she was already writing children's stories. Ph.D. in Veterinary Medicine, she currently works as a Biology and Geology teacher at a high school in Cáceres. She is married and the mother of 3 children. She is also the director of the Teatro Paraíso. In December 2010, she was awarded the third position in the Joaquín Sama Awards for Educational Innovation in the category “A more civic and caring school”, for the project entitled “Use of waste materials”. In Cuento de Luz she has published Ayobami and the Names of Animals (2017), winner of the International Latino Book Awards in 2018, and The Kite of Dreams ( 2019).

Of Polish origin, award-winning illustrator Zuzanna Celej has a BA Honours in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and majored in Illustration at the Llotja Art School in Barcelona. He has specialized in illustration, fine art photography, and printmaking. She is currently mainly dedicated to the publishing world with more than 50 titles inside and outside the country. Her work has been exhibited in Spain, France, England, Italy, Poland, and the United States. She has been recognized with national and international awards, including the New York City Big Book Award for Best Illustrated Album, The Map of Good Memories (Cuento de luz, 2016). She combines illustration projects with teaching Plastic Arts in several cultural venues and in his own studio, as well as running workshops in Art Schools Masters.

28 pages; hardcover.

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