The Dirt Book: Poems About Animals That Live Beneath Our Feet

The Dirt Book: Poems About Animals That Live Beneath Our Feet

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15 fun and fact-filled poems about soil–what makes it and who lives in it! This book unearths some of the glorious mysteries that lie beneath our feet!

A New York Public Library Best Book of the Year

Spectacular vertical panoramas illustrating life underground accompany 15 funny, fascinating poems that explore dirt and the many creatures that make their homes underground.  Spiders, earthworms, ants, chipmunks and more crawl across the pages, between stretching roots and buried stones. 
Chipmunk, for such a little squirt
you sure do move a lot of dirt,
you sure do dig your tunnels deep,
you sure do find some nuts to keep,
you sure do know your underground.
Chipmunk, you sure do get around.
This unique celebration of dirt– what makes it, what lives in it, and the many wonderful things the soil does to support life on our planet– is a whimsical, cleverly-illustrated pick for kids who love animals…  or who just love playing in the mud. 
From the creators of And the Bullfrogs Sing, a Bank Street Best Book of the Year, this intriguing, uniquely charming nature book has been vetted by experts and includes an author’s note with more information about all the featured creatures, as well as a bibliography.

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