Penguin and Pinecone by Salina Yoon

Penguin and Pinecone by Salina Yoon

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Penguin wasn't sure what Pinecone was when he found him in the snow. Penguin had never seen a pinecone before.


This much he knew. Pinecone was definitely too brown to be a snowball, too hard to be food, too prickly to be an egg, and too cold to be happy. So Penguin knit him a woolen scarf and warmed him up with love.


Now they're the best of friends. They sled together and slide together and can't get enough of each other.

But Pinecone is sneezing and shivering all the time. What's wrong with him? Grandpa Penguin explains. It's too cold for Pinecone. He belongs in a forest far, far away. He'll never grow big and strong. Not here. Not on the ice.
So Penguin packs his sled and begins the long journey to bring Pinecone home. They finally reach a forest. Penguin makes a cozy nest out of the softest pine needles for his friend. The sun grows hotter and hotter. Penguin has to go.
Will Penguin ever see Pinecone again? Can distance really separate two loving hearts? Friendship is forever in this touchingly beautiful story.