Best Years | Handmade Wooden Rainbow - Shades of Blue

Best Years | Handmade Wooden Rainbow - Shades of Blue

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This wooden rainbow puzzle is handmade from sustainable wood in cool shades of blue. Part of Best Years' range of traditional wooden toys, this 7 piece puzzle offers multiple uses and endless possibilities for open-ended play.

Please note: These rainbows are handmade, so they are not as uniform as wooden rainbows made in a factory. They may not sit flat on the shelf, there may be gaps between the arches and there may be small imperfections in the grain, meaning the surface is not entirely smooth. This does not mean it is faulty, it means it is handmade from scratch so cannot be uniform. Each wooden rainbow toy is unique and individual just like rainbows themselves.

Suitable for 3+ years. Made in Sri Lanka by Best years' WFTO fair trade production partner.

About Best Years

Best Years have been specialising in making toys for over 10 years and claim to be the first people to introduce knitted dinosaurs to the world! Having young children ourselves, the appeal of knitted and crochet toys was instant as it offered a great alternative to the ubiquitous soft toys found all over the high street.

We are an ethical company and ethical sourcing is at the core of all our products, so we found a great factory to make our first knitted toys for us, and now we have hundreds, still working with the same people we met all those years ago.

This interest in ethical sourcing also led to our 2009 partnership with the Pebble fair-trade cooperative who hand-make knitted and crochet toys in rural Bangladesh, creating thousands of fairly paid and flexible jobs in the process.

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