All About Trees: An Illustrated Guide to Nature's Giants

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This delightfully illustrated full-color book is the perfect introduction to the majestic wonders of the wild world - trees!

Trees are the silent guardians of the earth. They create the food we eat, the air we breath and the shelter we need. In this fact-packed guide, young readers can discover the importance of trees, their various species and how they grow from seedling to towering trunk.

Kids can follow the life cycle of an oak, take a tour of the Amazon rain forest, meet woodland creatures and learn how trees change with the seasons. They can also try the practical activities included such as making leaf rubbings and planting a seed.

Find out about:-
• Why trees are so important to people.
• How trees change with the seasons.
• Types of trees from around the world.
• Creatures that make their homes in trees.
• How to make a leaf rubbing
• How to protect our precious trees

With clear text, vibrant visuals, and a glossary of key terms, this beautifully illustrated hardback is an engaging and accessible introduction to trees for readers aged 5+.

ABOUT THE SERIES: The All About Nature series brings together beautifully illustrated guides introducing the wonders of the natural world to the youngest of readers. With fascinating facts and practical exercises to try at home, these accessible books will ignite a lifelong love and appreciation for the plants and animals of our world.

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