Kinder Guides: Pride & Prejudice

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Kinder Guides®  Early Learning Guide to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice

There's a ball at Netherfield and you are invited! Join Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy as they dance through, not only the great ball room, but this illustrated learning guide to Jane Austen's most famous novel. With Moppet Books' simplified, kid-friendly summary and analysis this fanciful piece of classic literature will delight both children and parents.

More than picture books, Kinder Guides® offer an interactive story time for adult literature fans and children, or as we like to call them — future lit fans.

Kinder Guides early learning guides introduce the greatest literary works to children everywhere, and lay the foundation for a lifelong appreciation for our most beloved classics. Through colorfully illustrated story summaries and kid-friendly analyses, Kinder Guides aims to educate and create a familiarity to the stores and authors that have shaped our culture. Each book includes: 

  • About The Author
  • Story Summary
  • Main Characters
  • Key Words
  • Quiz Questions
  • Analysis

Because classics are ageless. And so are their readers.

Size: 8” x 10”.

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